NPPTextFX, a free open-source text transform plugin © 2005-2006 by Chris Severance (GNU GPL) for Notepad++, a free programmer's text editor
* Interactive Brace Matching
* Quote handling
* Character case alternation
* Text rewrap
* Column Lineup
* Fill Text Down
* Insert counter text down
* Text to code conversion
* Numeric Conversion
* URI & HTML encoding
* HTML to text conversion
* Submit text to W3C
* Text sorting
* Ascii Chart
* Leading whitespace repair
* Autoclose HTML & braces

Other work has come up so development of TextFX is stalled.

A text file demo is enclosed to show how the functions work. LibTidy.DLL is included in the non special releases.

Download the NPPTextFX (beta0.24a) for Notepad++ 3.4, 4.01, and more (released 2007-02-04) plugin.
Download the NPPTextFX (beta0.23 Special) for Notepad++ 3.4 (released 2006-01-30) plugin.
Download the NPPTextFX (beta0.23) for Notepad++ 3.4 (released 2005-12-26) plugin.
Download the NPPTextFX (beta0.22) for Notepad++ 3.3 (released 2005-11-15) plugin.
Download the NPPTextFX (beta0.22) for Notepad++ 3.2 (released 2005-11-15) plugin.


Wondering if something you want is done or being worked on in a version not yet released? Check out the ChangeLog that I update when I think of it.

Read more about NPPTextFX and other Notepad ++ plugins.

The original sample plugins were compiled in MSVC but I needed them to work in Dev-C++ with MinGW32. Here are the Plugin Demo and the Insert Plugin Demo (last updated 2006-05-01) fixed to run in Dev-C++ along with a few minor updates. Every free compiler (list) found in Code::Blocks is supported with complete project files included. To get full functionality some compilers requires more than one download:

MinGW32 (complete, already included with Dev-C++ and Code::Blocks)
Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003 (compiler + platform SDK + .NET SDK + debugger + missing files)
Borland C++ 5.51 (compiler+debugger)
Digital Mars C/C++ Compiler (complete)
OpenWatcom W32 (complete)

Code::Blocks will not compile Win32 compatible DLLs with the default settings for most compilers without a few changes.

I also have Dev-C++, CodeBlocks, and Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition project addons (last updated 2006-01-13) for Scintilla and Notepad++. Dev-C++ compiles with MinGW32 and Code::Blocks has fully functional projects for MinGW/GCC, Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003, Borland C++ 5.51, and Digital Mars for both Scintilla and Notepad++. Included are 3 modified source files which you shouldn't overwrite unless you have the exact same source version. If you have a different source you can compare with any diff tool too see the minor changes that are needed. The enclosed README files give more information on getting the addon projects to compile.

The DMC header files and import libraries are sufficient to produce Scintilla but are too outdated to produce Notepad++. Fortunately, Christof Meerwald figured out how to upgrade DMC with the latest SDK include and lib files. The website updaters provided are for an earlier SDK that is now difficult to get but I have updated it for the Microsoft Platform SDK Server 2003 SP1 and I have produced an automated installer for it. Wave goodbyte to those fast compile times. You won't be seeing them any more.

Download the Digital Mars DMC Newest Upgrade Update Repair Replace Latest Microsoft Platform SDK Kit (last updated 2005-10-11). This is a permanent addon for DMC that allows you to easily update your Microsoft SDK any time Microsoft makes another one. MSVC is the only other compiler that upgrades this easy! Other compiler companies could take a hint and quit giving us screwball header files and libraries that can't be replaced by the users!

I have a new compile of the NPPSort Plugin for NotePad++ (modified) plugin which runs properly in Windows 98. The original Sort Plugin for NotePad++ is still available.